The collections of Alytus ethnographic museum consist of the valuables of the main fund of museum and additional research material. The total fund consists of 73011 exhibits, including 54680 items of the main fund and 18331 items of the auxiliary fund. The exhibits have been accumulated according to these main fields: archaeology, nature, history, ethnography, art, photography, numismatics, bonistics, phaleristics, philocarty, philately, writing, sphragistics, personal funds, video and audio collection.

The main funds of the museum consist of authentic monuments of nature, history, material and spiritual culture: objects of science and technology, valuables of art, archaeological findings, things of ethnic culture, reflecting occupations, crafts, everyday life, and entertainment of people the of past centuries, authentic documentary and objective material depicting the history of rebellions, partisan and war actions, resistance movement; materials about the deportation, exile and armed resistance; memorial subjects, audio and video recordings related to lives, activities and creation of famous people; authentic writings, materials on the activities of the emigration Lithuanian in the USA in 1990 – 1992. The auxiliary research fund consists of photocopies, back-up copies and other objects that are used for shaping of exhibitions or expositions, training purposes, dissemination of information and exhibits that are significant for the history of the region but their condition is poor.

The collection of materials was started in the third decade of the 20th century and has been continuing until present. Most of the materials come from the Southern Lithuania – Alytus, Varėna and Lazdijai districts, Druskininkai town and vicinities. The chronological boundaries are from Mesolithic period till 2009.