Where and when to come?

If you would like to visit the museum, please contact us at the contacts provided.

jonynomuziejus@gmail.com, akm.informacija@gmail.com

(8 315) 53370, (8 315) 53172

Liškiavos g. 17, Alytus, LT-62165

What is the price?

Museum attendance is free!

Cost of guide service: 10 Eur

Cost of audio guide service: 1 Eur

I want to know more about the foundation. How?


The exhibitions and the collection contain personal belongings of A. Jonynas, books, manuscripts, typescripts, photographs, an abundant collection of auxiliary scientific materials. All information about the preserved exhibits is provided by the fund custodian by phone: +370 315 51167 or e-mail: jonynomuziejus@gmail.com