READ MORE Anzelmas Matutis To you, my dear, I give
A sonorous speech:
Like bells,
like jingles
Her words sound.


I found a new interest! I tried writing fiction. I sent something to “Žiburėlis”, but I don’t know the results yet. I guess it’s not right for me. I feel it. If I will, I will only be here for children—and only through verses, poems, fairy tales …



Anzelmas Matutis is not only a master of short poetry, not only the most childish, but also one of the most productive poets. He wrote more than 30 books. In 1948 alone, the first two books were published: “Grok, žiogeli, smuikeliu” and “Genių kalvė”. What does Matutis talk about in his poetry? About love for the motherland, parents and nature. Matutis also wrote humorous, children’s satire verses:

Having seen

Many children in the yard,

Angry and grumpy,

Vidas says:


– This is my bike!

Oh, don’t take the crane!/strong>

A sparrow on the fence:

– Gray sparrow…



Kids are laughing:

Do you hear that?

Vidas says sparrow is his…

If it is yours

– Catch it!…


Sparrow “witt-witt”

And flew away.


A. Matutis and his family moved to a red brick house in Taikos St., Alytus, in 1961. The newly built two-story private house brought a lot of joy. The room space, the large garden and the pine forest on the other side of the street, and the wonderful tranquility of Taikos St. were delightful. The noise of the town was not heard here, pine trees were rustling. A. Matutis chose the brightest room on the second floor with a view of the forest, so that when he opened the window he could hear the birds chirping. Here he was preparing for lessons, enjoying the edition of each new book, he was returning here after each long journey. At the invitation of the tireless host, many writers, translators, artists and literary critics came here not only from Lithuania, but also from Russia, Poland and Ukraine. The poet has been in contact with many people, so his preserved letters (about 700) are invaluable.

 On January 7, 1987, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Vyturys Publishing House J. Linkevičius, consultant of the LSSR Writers’ Union R. Gudaitis and head of LSSR Literary Museum department A. Ruseckaitė reviewed the archival and memorial legacy of A. Matutis and registered it. In January 1988, the Executive Committee of the Alytus City Council of People’s Deputies received a permit to set up a museum in the writer’s house in Alytus, Taikos St. 8. Soon the street was given the name of A. Matutis, and in 1989 the A. Matutis Children’s Literature Museum started its activities. The entire legacy of the writer, registered in 1987, was transferred to the museum. At that time it was subordinated to the Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature, and in January 1991, according to the order of the Minister of Culture and Education of the Republic of Lithuania No. 374, A. Matutis Museum of Children’s Literature together with all exhibits, inventory and main instruments were transferred to the Alytus Local Lore Museum. It was later renamed the Anzelmas Matutis Memorial Museum.


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